What we produce

Excellent Virgin Olive Oil of Thassos

Excellent Virgin Olive Oil of Thassos

Thassos olive oil has a characteristic golden yellow color, soft texture slightly fruity with special aromas, rich features

Thrumba Olive of Thassos

Thrumba Olive of Thassos

It is produced exclusively on the island of Thassos, by processing ripe olive fruits, which we process with the old traditional ...

Green selected olive

Green selected olive

characterized by the delicate fruity aroma, slightly bitter, their spicy taste and lack of fat, due to centuries of adaptation ...


Our story

Organic oil
Production & Packaging
The Athina Natural Goods family business, was founded in March 2007 from people's love for their place.
The products of this company are distinguished for their quality, the nutritional value and the incomparable taste it offers,
Athina Natural Goods produces high quality organic oil and olives selected from the organic olive groves of the wider area with the guarantee of the recognized Greek and International Certification Bodies, such as: TUV CERT, NSS, BIO QWAYS.
The company's goal is to create products with an identity that presents the richness of the diet in Thassos and meets the demanding markets of Greece and abroad..
Some of our products are Oil and Olives, such as: Thrombi, Aromatic thrombi, Crushers, Aromatic creases, Green, Green Aromatic.
Production and packaging are done with the strictest quality rules, hygiene and safety.
Athina Natural Goods, products made with taste that reach your table


Olive fruit is very important for the Mediterranean diet, both as edible and because it produces olive oil.


Choose from our wide range of products, from extra virgin olive oils, olives and oregano!

Extra Virgin

Acidity is one of the key parameters for classifying olive oil and evaluating the quality of the extra virgin..

Original taste

The taste, the aroma and natural ingredients of our olive oils remain unchanged.

High quality

An extremely virgin high quality olive oil is ideal as a combination for fish, meat and vegetables.



Health benefits


Cardiovascular diseases

Protects against cardiovascular disease and disease


It lowers cholesterol

The health benefits of olive oil include lower cholesterol levels in the your blood.


Improves memory

helps maintain memory and learning ability


Improves digestion

helps reduce obesity and digestion levels.


Helps fight cancer

reduces the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.


Prevents blood clotting

Olive oil can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, also improving blood clotting.


Private Label Products

"ATHENS" can produce private label products . On different olive packages , olive oil, and other producers of your choice company may have your own label. It is based on specific specifications and serves modern requirements in the markets you target.


Due to the important role that the olive has played over the centuries in the daily life of the peoples of the Mediterranean and especially in Greece, the branches, the fruit and the olive oil, have a symbolic honorary character !


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